Shared frustrations.


9-10-2013 Note: I'm still finishing up the rest of last month's commissions, as well as comic work for Amya Chronicles. Everblue will be back with regular updates by October :). Thanks so much for your patience!

Phew. Seta's not as difficult for me to draw as Ten, but argh, his poses and expressions gave me trouble on this page ;-;

I think this is the first time Luna's surname has been mentioned in the comic XD. Also, according to Comic CMS, this is the 200th page! Yays!

Thanks so much for the donations again :). By the way, if you want to support Everblue but can't or don't want to donate, sharing the comic on your Facebooks, Tumblrs, or Twitters can be just as big of a help :D.

Got a new webcomic to share as well: Evus. It's a steampunk adventure comic set in a world of floating islands and treacherous skies. Just reading all the info on the World page gets me excited to see where this comic will go. Go check out Evus!

Thanks for reading! :)

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