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Age: 20 | Birth Date: March 2nd, 251 12th Era

A cautious yet secretly adventurous shipwright. Luna is a girl who has never quite felt like she belonged in her city. Among other things, she wants to see the world and figure out her place in life, but feels trapped by her obligations and reclusive nature.

Though she's never been overtly confident and tends to avoid people, when strange circumstances force her out the door, Luna must learn to both believe in herself and accept help from strangers.


Age: 19 | Birth Date: August 10th, 251 12th Era

A laid-back drifter of uncertain origin. Ten always has his head in the clouds, dreaming of a way to reach out and sail among them. He's determined to follow in the footsteps of his parents and continue their journey to the "New World", but he's very easy-going, always trying to have fun and so tends to be easily distracted.

Despite his outgoing nature, Ten has made very few long-term connections with people because he's always on the move.


Age: 30 | Birth Date: October 5th, 241 12th Era

A well known vigilante who has terrorized much of the world's criminal population for nearly a decade. Gun is a man of few words but many deeds. Despite being a bounty hunter, he has a strict personal code of ethics, always trying to walk the straight-and-narrow path. His ultimate goal is to redeem himself of his shady past by seeking a most peculiar form of vengeance.


Age: 27 | Birth Date: January 14th, 244 12th Era

A blade-for-hire who roams the sea lanes along the equator, well known for being a skilled fighter. Dagger tends to be somewhat crazy and unpredictable, as well as surprisingly upbeat and cheerful for a person in her line of work. As a bounty hunter, she cares very little about how she goes about doing her job as long as she gets a reward and a good challenge.

Dagger's greatest ambition is to prove herself by killing the world's most feared outlaw.

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