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October 12, 2021 Notice: The old CMS broke, so I rebuilt the site in a new and up-to-date CMS called "Comic Control!" It might look similar to before, but most of this was redone from scratch, so please let me know if you find any bugs that need fixing! (@Everblue_Comic on Twitter)

Posted August 09, 2013 at 11:44 AM

Phew. Eight panels on this one. That's probably a record for me. Usually I try to avoid loading up the page with too many panels because it tends to mean that I have to make the characters really small in the scene, and it's not really worth it if you can't see their expressions. But it worked out alright here :B.

For those who missed the note last time, Everblue was on break for a little bit while I worked up funds for Kumoricon through commissions. Still got a few commissions to finish, but I'm gonna try to work on these pages at the same time because falling even further behind doesn't sound like fun XD.

A huge thanks to io9.com for the feature on Saturday Webcomics and a big welcome to all the new readers :]

Thanks for reading! :D

Tags: vol1, vol1-ch4