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Posted November 08, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Well, that was an adventure. I'll spare you the details, but a ton of stuff happened at work that took most of my days off away for a month and a half, but now they're back XD.

Gah, anyway, here is page 18 ;___;. On top of everything, it took some extra time because new location/new lighting means new color palette and that's always a struggle.

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"Tethered is a webcomic set in a dystopian Britain, in the aftermath of a war that has left all countries and political powers in ruin. We follow a young woman and a medical droid as they travel up the country in search of family... but with formidable airborne gas-bombers, dangerous scavengers and desperate survivors at every turn, it will be a journey not easily made."
Found this one through twitter and had to read through the whole archive once I started :). Brilliant artwork, intriguing setting, and great characterization make this an instant fave :) Give it a read!

Thanks for reading! See ya next page! :D

Tags: vol1, vol1-ch4