Whoa, sorry about that XD. Had a lot of stuff happening on the weekend, but here's the new page :3

Been thinking about this part forever. Even when I was doing those old pages, I had something like this and the scenes that follow in mind. It's hard to explain how fun it is to finally be getting the pages almost exactly the way I imagined them years ago XD.

The new vote incentive is a little illustration of Ten's parents :o ... with some extra info.


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Toilet Genie

Toilet Genie is beautifully illustrated webcomic with an intriguing cast of characters and an even more interesting mythos behind the story. It's tough to summarize this one, but it starts when a genie transforms an abandoned pug into a human girl. Throughout the comic, we're treated to some spectacular visuals, especially when we start to learn more about the mythological aspects of the story.

I really admire the amount of thought and effort that has gone into the back-story and characters of this comic. Definitely worth reading!


Oh, on a side note, I went back and made a bunch of edits to pages 31-43, mostly to fix a problem I had with the faces and expressions XD. Photoshop's Liquify filter is my new best friend :B

Thanks for reading! :D

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