A war of attrition.


Edit Oct. 30, 2019: Sorry for the delay on the next page! I recently bought replacement parts for my computer in an attempt to fix frequent crashing and I've been working on commissions to pay them off.

I recently opened commissions so I could buy replacement parts for my computer. I've written about it a couple times here before, but I've had consistent issues with lockups and crashing on this PC since I bought it, and I finally got fed up and decided to start replacing parts. I did just that thanks to commissions and everything seems to be working better now! In any case, that was why this page took a little longer than expected!

Speaking of this page, I'm super happy with how it came out. Once again, the sketch work by Bravo really brought a lot of life and character to my initial roughs. I'm particularly in love with those last two panels of Ten stretching, haha.

Anyway thanks for reading! The next page is the one I've been waiting for when it comes to the backgrounds getting easier to paint, haha ; v ;

See you next time!

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Comic transcript

Ten: Y'know, I don't think this is a game either.

Ten: Really, I'm not playing at all!

Reaper: He must be if he intends to evade forever.

Ten: You're right! But I don't think I'll have to...

Ten: After all, swinging that sword around so hard must've been tiring.