Three side-characters make a return on one page :D.

Despite it being really tough on some parts, I had fun with this page. It's always refreshing to break away from the color scheme you've been using for the past few pages. For some reason, the PSD for this one ended up being 1.4 GB ... and I don't know why XD.

Oh, I should probably explain Seta's name now :B. His full name is Adamo diSeta. Because of his family's decorated history in the military, everyone would call him Seta for short when he was training to be a guard. This is part of the reason why Seta takes his job so seriously he wants to live up to that name.

A huge thank you to Ryan Coates for letting me reference his Ragusan Galleon model for the ship on this page. Could not have finished this page as quickly as I did without that extremely helpful resource :]

- - -

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Derelict by Ben Fleuter

Derelict has amazing artwork and an engaging and mysterious storyline. It's a relatively new comic, but I'm really looking forward to where the story goes. It takes place in a world that seems to have undergone some destructive changes that have left it in a state of desolation. It's tough to sum this one up without ruining some really cool stuff. Head on over and give it a look, you won't be disappointed :D

Thanks for reading! I'll be at Sakuracon this weekend, so I'll try to get page 26 out by next Wednesday.

July 2020 Notice: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I'm currently landlocked in another country working from my laptop. This will affect the rate of updates. Unfortunately, my ability to fly back to the US is now completely in the hands of the United States and Europe. I'm saving up money for tickets, but I can't buy any until travel opens up again, something I am mostly in the dark on. My best bet now seems to be August or September for a return.