Luna shoe loss count: 2


Edit 5/6/2014: Page 12 is coming soon! Thanks for your patience T__T

Done! Sorry about the wait. I'm still job hunting at the moment >_>

Thanks for all the vote incentive suggestions last time. I've picked five and I've already got some of them finished :3. I'll let you guys know the week when they go up. For now, I've put a closeup of the bottom two panels as a vote incentive. I loved doing the backgrounds for those, but as usual a lot of the detail was lost.

Also! Big News! Everblue is now on Patreon! Now you can support the comic and get rewards :3. It's potentially possible for me to work on the comic full-time if enough people go for the $1 or $5 options. Right now there's a special spoilerific Volume 1 wallpaper available for the $5 supporters (and more to come!). You can see a preview of that here. And a preview of the next wallpaper here

Anyway, thanks for reading! See ya next time! :D

July 2020 Notice: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I'm currently landlocked in another country working from my laptop. This will affect the rate of updates. Unfortunately, my ability to fly back to the US is now completely in the hands of the United States and Europe. I'm saving up money for tickets, but I can't buy any until travel opens up again, something I am mostly in the dark on. My best bet now seems to be August or September for a return.