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Posted May 15, 2014 at 12:50 PM

Okay! Update time! Many things to say.

I recently got a new job, so that's settled now - my searching for a job was the reason behind the two month hiatus :). They've got me working about 30 hours a week, but this means that I won't need to stop updating the comic just to do commissions in order to pay bills and eat XD. This still theoretically leaves me plenty of time to keep the comic updating. Also, I should be able to get a real Internet connection eventually and start doing Livestreams more regularly :D

Thanks so much for all your support on Patreon! Your help got me through a really tough spot the last couple of months. I'll still be updating that page as often as I can with wallpapers, PDFs and other neat things for you wonderful patrons :3.

I haven't forgotten about those vote incentive requests from a while back either. I'm slowly getting those done in my spare time :).

Lastly! Check out this awesome Everblue music video made by Threnodi:

  • Webm (watchable in-browser for Firefox/Chrome users)
  • MP4

I couldn't wait to update in order to share this with you guys 'cause it is awesome *__*. The music used is "You're Not Alone" by Erutan Music.

Anyway, thanks for reading! :D

Tags: vol1, vol1-ch4