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August 20, 2022 Notice: I finally found out my health problems were Generalized Anxiety and "Muscle Tension Dysphonia" in my throat as a result of that. I started an anxiety medicine this month and scheduled physical therapy for my throat ;v;

Posted November 07, 2017 at 3:18 PM

Luna's trying to figure out the wall hax.

First off, thanks so much for your concern and advice regarding something brought up in the comments section on the last page. While I appreciate the suggestions, I'll just say don't worry too much about it. If I thought there was any danger of me kicking the bucket before finishing the comic, I already have a plan in place to give everyone closure on the story ;). Thankfully, that's not something even close to happening - no need to consider format changes or anything like that. Right now, my focus needs to be working on Everblue as a comic and getting more efficient with the way I do pages.

Thanks for reading! :D

Tags: vol1, vol1-ch4