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Posted August 28, 2015 at 1:32 PM


As of this page I'm now officially back doing freelance art stuff for a living. I'm not sure how long it'll last, and I may need to find another day job after a while if things don't work out - but having said that, the comic should be updating more regularly for a little bit :). On an optimistic note, the Patreon is doing very well and could really speed up the pace of the comic if it hits anywhere near the $800 mark - we're already over halfway there. For those who don't know, Everblue's Patreon has a bunch of exclusive extras for patrons including access to the next few pages in sketch form, wallpapers, PDFs of each chapter, custom-made Photoshop resources, monthly sketch requests, and more :). I'm hopeful that if we reach that full-time goal, Everblue will be getting twice-weekly updates and I'll actually be able to finish this comic sometime before the sun burns out XD.

There's no obligation to support the Patreon - everyone still gets the comic for free here, patron or not - it's just there for people who'd like to give Everblue a little kick forward XD. Even simply sharing the Patreon or the comic itself is a huge help and I appreciate it so much! <3

Anyway, thanks for reading! Either way, I'm looking forward to having more time to spend on the comic for a little while :D

Tags: vol1, vol1-ch4