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Posted June 02, 2024 at 7:14 PM

Big change with this page! I'm working entirely in Krita now! I'm currently taking the steps I need to transition all my workflows away from Clip Studio and into Krita. I've learned so much about the app in the last couple weeks and I honestly can't work without it now! The painting tools are so nice, I feel like I have a ton more control over how my colors come out, plus my particular style of mask-based shading is so much quicker and cleaner now. The only thing I'll miss from Clip Studio is those sweet vector layers ;<;.

With Microsoft pushing so-called "AI" features into Windows like Recall and Copilot, Windows feels less and less like a place I'll want to stay long term. I simply do not trust Microsoft to stay honest or consistent about how "Copilot is optional" and "Recall is offline, it doesn't scrape your data," -- taking their word at face value when it comes to privacy has never been a great idea. I'll be switching my main operating system over to Linux (probably Mint), and start using all or mostly open-source software.

These last couple months, I've also been kinda focused on paying off my taxes (I have 4 months left in my payment plan, and I'm halfway there! I set up a goal on Ko-fi with bonus exclusive sketches for donators if anyone wants to help me get there).

Also, a lot has happened with Social Media in the last year, and now I'm mostly spending my time on the Everblue Discord and over on BlueSky! BlueSky is open to everyone now and has DMs, so it'll be a great place to contact me in the future! Feel free to follow me there, I'd love to see more peeps join up!

Thanks so much for reading! I recently finished all my commissions, so I'll be focusing solely on pages from here on!