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August 20, 2022 Notice: I finally found out my health problems were Generalized Anxiety and "Muscle Tension Dysphonia" in my throat as a result of that. I started an anxiety medicine this month and scheduled physical therapy for my throat ;v;

Posted September 20, 2010 at 8:22 AM

Shar returns... with a grin.

Today's vote incentive is the full background from that first panel... probably what I spent the most time on for this page XD.

It always surprises me how tough it is to switch scenes, especially when they have very different color palettes.

I think this might be the moodiest page yet XD. Just figured out some effective Photoshop lighting stuff I can do along with my normal method. Every time I do something like that I feel like going back and recoloring the rest of the chapter in the new way @_@. But I can't let myself get backtracked by that while chapter one is still crying out for color XD.

Oh, a huge thanks to the folks over at Fey Winds for linking here. There was a big spike in views over the last week and pretty much all of them came from their link ;_;

I feel bad for not having read this one. I've heard good things about it and see it in links all over the place. Now's as good a time to start as any :)

The Facebook page has almost 100 likes ;_;. Thanks so much to the people who stopped by and clicked the button :D

Tags: vol1, vol1-ch3