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April 21, 2022 Notice: My health is unpredictable, but still better than last year. I'm focusing on pages again ;v;

Posted May 02, 2010 at 7:34 AM

Just barely made the Sunday deadline (depending on your timezone) XD.

New clothes time. Finally I get to the point where Ten gets some new attire. Being a traveler who spends most of his time on the ocean, he's been wearing that old outfit for a few years :B. So it was about time.

A couple days have passed since the last page. They've finished the engine part of the boat, and now they need to wait for the parts for the mast to come in with the traders.

Everblue is now on TopWebComics.com! Feel free to vote if you want :3. Today's incentive is a special Luna/Ten thing (as soon as TWC finishes maintenance >_>). I'll try to update the incentives more often than pages here.


Webcomic Share:

Amya Chronicles is a fantasy comic with great characters, an engaging story, and a terrific balance of humor and action throughout the pages. The artwork is especially nice and really brings the characters and environments to life with tons of expression.

Amya is still in its first chapter, so it's a good time to start reading! :)


Thanks for stopping by! :D

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