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You might be wondering how Luna figured out all the mechanical aspects of the ship XD. The short story is that she learned a bit about it from her book collection. They actually had to order the parts for the mechanical mast, and Luna adapted them to allow control of the oarsman from the front of the boat (something she was planning on including for her boat originally), as well as the ability to slightly tilt the mast. Their society has developed somewhat advanced technologies (guns, primitive mechanics), though they are mysteriously lacking others you might expect (printing press). I should probably do a wiki page on the state of their technology :]

This page was relaxing to do. Mostly water XD. If not for the presence of the boat, this one might have taken half the time of the average pages.

I think I was gonna say some other stuff but I'm in a hurry XD

Thanks for reading and see ya next week :D

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