I'm starting to get on my nerves with this slowness. It sounds crazy, but I think this page took almost 18 hours to complete >_>. I'm on a bit of a summer break now, so I'll start on the next page immediately so I can get it out by next week (at most).

A huge thanks to Der-shing of The Meek for the tips on drawing faces! This -- next to time management :B -- has been one of my biggest weaknesses in producing pages, but not so much anymore thanks to a random act of critiquing kindness XD. Today's vote incentive contains a small comparison of where the page was going and where it ended up. I've still got a lot of work to do when it comes to faces, but I feel much more prepared now :)

Also, another thanks to my sister for this awesome Luna drawing! *__*

I feel like Everblue has been nothing but smiles and happy stuff so far. Hehe, but I'll fix that soon enough >:3


Comic Share:

Hajime no Ippo (The First Step)

This is a little unorthodox, but I'd like to share a non-webcomic this time. Hajime no Ippo was a complete surprise to me. I never thought I'd like a manga about boxing... but I had to force myself to stop reading so I could finish up this page XD. It tells the story of a young man named Ippo Makunochi who, after an unfortunate incident with a group of bullies, decides to take up boxing to find out what it means to be strong.

The story is really engaging and the artwork is very nice. I've never seen motion and energy conveyed so well in black and white. At times I felt like I was watching something rather than reading it.

Definitely worth a read, and at over 800 chapters... it's one heck of a read XD.


Thanks for reading! :D

Edit: Forgot to mention there's a Wiki now. Link is at the top :)

June 2021 Notice: Everblue is back! I'm still dealing with my mystery illness, but I'm good enough to work more often now!