Sorry about that ;^;. I was moving in to my new apartment pretty much all of last week, but I still missed this Sunday's update. Gr, these pages take me a lot longer than they should.

Finally, the last of the montage pages is done. I didn't show a lot of them building the boat -- what I really wanted to focus on was establishing Ten and Luna's friendship.

I'm looking forward to having more dialogue-driven pages now XD.

The vote incentive for now is concept art of a super secret character. But I'll have something bigger up later this week :).


Webcomic Share:


I wanted to make sure to be completely caught up with a webcomic before I give it a spot here, but I ended up liking Spacetrawler after just a couple pages. This one's a little difficult to sum up XD. As the title suggests, it's a space-themed comic. It reminds me a lot of Futurama and even Firefly a bit with its diverse cast of characters and great sense of humor. Definitely worth a read :D


Thanks for reading! :)

May 2021 Notice: I've been dealing with chronic jaw and throat pain since December which has hindered my ability to work. I'm trying to get a diagnosis and treatment at the moment, but updates should still resume this Summer!