Reaper creeper.


Gonna rush to finish the next page, aiming for Monday on it, then I won't be too far behind schedule anymore XD. Also, I just really want to get to that point asap because... well you'll see :B

Aah, the livestreams always make me more productive, even when I'm worried about speaking over a microphone - I need to keep reminding myself of that, haha. Thanks for reading! :D

July 2020 Notice: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I'm currently landlocked in another country working from my laptop. This will affect the rate of updates. Unfortunately, my ability to fly back to the US is now completely in the hands of the United States and Europe. I'm saving up money for tickets, but I can't buy any until travel opens up again, something I am mostly in the dark on. My best bet now seems to be August or September for a return.

Comic transcript

Xavier: I really put you on the spot there, didn't even think about how many guards there'd be...

Xavier: I mean, it worked but-

Xavier: Jo, what th-

Josette: Sssh!