Shh! I heard a thing.


Yeah, it kind of was.

Finally done with my work for Amya Chronicles now! I just need to catch up on a few Patreon rewards, but I'm looking forward to putting the drawing momentum I've gained from working on two comics right into Everblue :).

Thanks for coming by the last stream! It was short, but it helped me take care of those backgrounds in record time :). It also made speaking over a microphone feel a little less stressful, haha.

See you next time! (hopefully next week :B)

June 2021 Notice: Everblue is back! I'm still dealing with my mystery illness, but I'm good enough to work more often now!

Comic transcript

Xavier: Jo, it's-

Josette: What, Xavier? Is it "gonna be okay"?

Josette: That's easy for you to say. You get to go home.

Xavier: No, I don't.

Xavier: Abandoning a fellow Magic Society member? Not happening. We're in this together.

Sound in Distance: tk tk TAK tk

Xavier: Besides, this whole thing was kinda my fault anyway.