Phew. I forgot how much longer it takes to color a page with three characters in it X'D

Strangely enough the backgrounds were easier than ever on this page. I think I'm getting better at it, which is good because there are going to be a lot of new areas in the coming pages :P

Oh, check out this awesome Luna fanart by Im-Bravo


So pretty *__*

Thanks for reading! :D The next page is already up on Patreon in sketch form if you want to read ahead :3

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Comic transcript

Angelique: Oops, sorry!

Angelique: She said she doesn't normally wear dresses.

Angelique: I guess this one is an exception, though with that smile, I say she'd look stunning in anything,

Angelique: I'm sure you agree.

Ten: Luna! Let's go see the festival!

Luna: Hm-okay!

Angelique: Not so fast!

Angelique: I've got something for you, too.