:D I feel so happy right now. I actually updated within a week (under a week if you count the hours XD) ;__;. Maybe it's the motivation from finally getting toward the end of these vignettes which took much longer than I planned.

Dagger finally makes an appearance. A lot of readers really like her even though she's only appeared in extra art and progress stuff so far, so I'm happy to have found a way to include this short cameo. To be honest she is one of my favorite characters to write for, so I couldn't wait to get her in the comic either XD

I got a bunch of e-mails asking about Everblue after the last page. I promise I'll start responding to those asap. Thanks so much for your continued interest in the comic! :D

June 2021 Notice: Everblue is back! I'm still dealing with my mystery illness, but I'm good enough to work more often now!