Thanks for stopping by the Livestream again! :D

Funny story behind this page. I kept redrawing it and couldn't make up my mind on the layout. Finally, it was Sunday and I never thought I'd get the page done in time. So I finally finished up the sketch the way I wanted, started up the Livestream at around 3 and finished the page by midnight XD. I couldn't believe it. This means, in theory, that I could potentially do one page in a single day if I really buckled down. Livestream saved the day again : P (granted, this page had very simple backgrounds, but still...)

Finally got to show a bit of Clara's personality on this page. It's tough to show facial expressions with a character like this XD.

Vote incentive is a painting of Luna I did when I was testing out Corel Painter 12 :B

Thanks for reading! :D

July 2020 Notice: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I'm currently landlocked in another country working from my laptop. This will affect the rate of updates. Unfortunately, my ability to fly back to the US is now completely in the hands of the United States and Europe. I'm saving up money for tickets, but I can't buy any until travel opens up again, something I am mostly in the dark on. My best bet now seems to be August or September for a return.