Edit: Fixed the wonky proportions in the last panel XD. Thanks to Draigr for bringing that to my attention.

Before anyone mentions "fanservice," I should note that there's a common theme among the main characters -- they each have a mark on their body that they hide (Dagger being the exception, displaying her scars rather than hiding them). This means that they'll either need to be taking something off or putting something on in order for the reader to see the marks XD. I don't intend for these scenes to be fanservice-y and they'll be few and far between over the course of the story.

Previously, we got to see that Luna had some kind of tattoo. After all the pages with Shar, I wanted to show that Luna's tattoo is in fact the same emblem...

Vote incentive is a closeup of the second panel, another one of those panels that ended up losing a lot of detail in the web conversion XD.

Tried not to layer on the lighting effects as heavily as I usually do. Things went faster and I think the page ended up looking more natural as a result :]. It also helped that there was no rain this time *dies*

Oh, and check this out! Some sweet Ten and Luna fanart from JesnCin.

LuTen by JesnCin


Thanks for reading! :D

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