Edit: Added in some things I forgot: orange glow from the lamp, and part of Shar's tattoo in panel 3. Fixed up the colors a bit too.

What's this? A new page less than a week after the previous one? It really must be the apocalypse : P

This was the first page that I ever Livestreamed :D. It was great. Thanks to all the people who stopped by. It's weird, I think it actually made me more productive to have people keeping an eye on what I'm doing XD. I might have to a make a habit out of Livestreaming every couple of pages :]

I should have a new vote incentive up this week. And it'll probably be a Dagger related artwork XD.

An interesting scene transition coming up next time :]

Thanks for reading! :D

June 2021 Notice: Everblue is back! I'm still dealing with my mystery illness, but I'm good enough to work more often now!