XD I feel like I've spent a lot of time recently apologizing for late pages, so I'll spare you that... this time. If you've been following the Twitter, you've probably heard enough about my delays by now :B

Feels good to have gotten through all those redos. I'll still be working on some, but only in my spare time. I really surprised myself at how many I was able to get done in such a short amount of time -- about 12 pages in two months. I've gotta try working at a similar speed on new pages :]

Vote incentive is a sketch of Luna in the outfit she's currently wearing here (just as soon as TWC finishes their server upgrades XD).


Comic Share:

Diesel by Tyson Hesse

I've been waiting until I could post a new page to mention this one, another great comic from the author of Boxer Hockey. It's not a webcomic, currently only available in print, but it's definitely worth every penny. The artwork is amazing, the characters are so expressive that at times you feel more like you're watching an animation than looking at panels, and the story is just really fun and entertaining right from the start.

So far it tells the story of a girl named Diesel who wants to become the captain of her father's giant airship, the Peacetowne traveling garage, but has unfortunately acquired the position of the ship's "garbage girl" instead. She has an awesome robot companion named Rickets, and the mysterious ability to retain a lot of static electricity. Crazy stuff happens when Diesel gets fed up with her monotonous work and tries to learn more about piloting.


Thanks for reading! :D

June 2021 Notice: Everblue is back! I'm still dealing with my mystery illness, but I'm good enough to work more often now!