So tough.


Yessss. Looking back, I can't believe I managed to draw all that festival stuff. Having finished all that, I feel just slightly more confident in tackling the upcoming scenes XD

I'm really happy with the backgrounds on this page X'D. Sometimes I'll feel like I put in too much detail, not enough, or that there isn't enough contrast, but I feel like I got a good balance here. Thanks for watching the stream too - it gave me the power to tackle those backgrounds in one go :P

Thanks for reading! :D

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Comic transcript

Luna: Ten?

Ten: Up here!

Luna: So, this is the life of a traveler, huh?

Ten: Yep! Fun, games, and parades. It's tough.

Luna: Tell me about it.

Luna: But, seriously, I know you've been traveling on your own all this time. It can't be easy.

Luna: I, um, I just wanted to say...