Oh, snap.


Welcome to the new site! :D

The old, unsupported CMS that I was using broke and stopped letting me upload pages (probably the least convenient feature to suddenly stop working :B). But, I found a new comic-centric CMS called Grawlix and am using that now - it's still being updated. It takes some knowledge of mysql databases to set up, but I'd definitely recommend it to people wanting to move away from the defunct Comic CMS.

Notice: I moved all the comments away from Disqus to Commento. The only major difference you should notice is that there are no more annoying ads!
Small warning: your comment will only appear for everyone to see if the page URL ends in a number (307, 308, etc), so be sure to double-check that in your browser before commenting!

Comic transcript

Josette: I did it.

Josette: And I feel like I just ran around the plaza.

Xavier: Jo, your alignment. It must be Lux.

Josette: W-w- what do I do now?

Xavier: I think it's an illumination spell. Hold it up.

Guard: Well, well... What did I stumble upon here?

Guard: A couple of budding revolutionaries.