Been a little busier lately with non-comic things, so this page took a while longer than usual. Sorry about that.

In other news, I've added Everblue to InkOutbreak :]. If you frequent that site, you can follow the comic via the little button in the sidebar -->

Forgot to mention that I saw the Hobbit last month, and I loved it of course, but I'm a big fan of LotR and Tolkien in general so I might be a bit biased XD. There were a couple of criticisms I heard before going in, such as it being a little slow or the 48 fps thing being distracting. Honestly the nearly 3 hours flew by for me, and I actually didn't notice the higher framerate o_O even though I saw it in 3D. Anyway, it's a great film and I'm looking forward to the next two, especially the scenes with Smaug *-*

Stayed up all night, so I gotta pass out now. Thanks for reading! :D

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