:o What has Luna done?

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I ended up changing the color scheme again XD. Sorry about that. I need to practice doing darker night scenes. Thanks for stopping by the Livestream (twice XD). A record number of people showed up this time -- I really appreciate your interest in the Livestreams :].

In recent news, I added a sidebar to the site -->

It's got a Twitter feed and links to the various places you can find Everblue updates and related things :]. Plus, it also follows you down as you scroll through the comments :B.

Oh, and many thanks to WanderingDreamer for setting up a TVTropes page for Everblue! ;__;

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Webcomic Share:

Mystery Babylon

I love this comic :D. It's about a woman who is apparently a demon destined to bring about the apocalypse... however, she's not exactly what the people of her world think. It's got some really nice art and a great sense of humor. Definitely worth checking out!

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Thanks for reading! :D

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