Phew. Sorry for making you guys wait so long for a page with so little content. Just to clear things up though, Luna isn't crying there. She actually doesn't cry (more on that later XD)

One thing I needed to do was get a better handle on the rain and the effect it has on the environment since it lasts until the end of the chapter XD. I used this page as a way to practice with that.

Haha, and while I've been systematically breaking my characters' hearts, awesome people have been drawing much happier things :]

Omgomgomg, it's Ten and Luna dancing, by madmarchhare <3. Check out her gallery! Some amazing artwork and a very interesting comic in there :D.

Next page is the start of a new scene, something that's been building up since chapter 1 - can't wait @_@

Vote incentive is a portrait of young Luna!

Thanks for reading! I'll get to replying to all those comments I missed when my computer [temporarily] died XD

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